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Covessa App provides flexible, certified, and secure solutions for Government approved rapid antigen testing in the comfort of home. It works with various medical service providers recognized for carrying out corona tests through video verification procedures. Our team helped them to create a brand new website with a fresh look and feel that would attract customers and make the experience of online covid testing better.





  • They have a service of providing guided online rapid antigen testing through video calling. A website with illustrative visualization of their service description and process that was easy to understand and passed the Brand’s purpose and the message was needed.

  • Their old website was filled with content but lacked user experience, leaving users confused.

  • The website aimed to generate leads for testing, the website had to cater directly to the users who will do online testing for which easy navigation and the eye-catchy experience was a must.

  • The brand further wanted to leverage social media platforms to promote their services in a fun yet effective way, our biggest challenge was to incorporate two different languages on the website as well as social media effectively.


  • We created a new website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to convey the unique offering, high-quality service, and expertise that Covessa offers to its users.

  • We delivered a fully functional, and responsive website that was easy to use, that held the audience’s attention. Our focus was on increasing Brand awareness and attracting customers to experience the best when it came to virtual testing.

  • We incorporated the use of personalized illustrations and graphics that are easy to understand and demonstrated what the brand does in a promising manner.

  • The website demonstrates the company’s unique value proposition that will convert visitors into customers and attract dedicated people to enhance their workforce.

  • While working on social media activities, we effectively worked in multiple languages to cater to the audience in the right way, with the right content and impact-driven graphics.

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